making a manifesto

In the 1999 movie The Matrix, the Oracle gives Neo critical advice:  Know Thyself. It’s a scene I come back to over and over to ponder how important it is to dig into ourselves, to comprehend what motivates us at our core, to reflect on whether our lives are aligned with what matters most. Through knowing what he is willing to fight and die for and believing that he is an agent of change, Neo eventually causes a major ruckus that alters the balance of power.
Sure, that’s a bit dramatic, but we can gain focus when we spend time  examining our values.  One way to start is to make a simple “I believe” list (you can find a few other ideas on Alexandra Franzen’s site.)  Here’s my rough-draft list, in case you want to get to know me better.

I believe:

That creativity is the ultimate assertion of existence. It’s how we learn, impact, and grow.

That individually and collectively, our relationship with our food matters: it impacts our health, environment, culture, and economy on both large and local scales.

That handmade is love made. When we take the time and expend the effort to make instead of consume, we shower love on everyone we share with (including ourselves!)

That Nature already has things worked out for us and it’s usually better to work with her system than impose an artificial one we don’t fully understand.

That there is deep power in knowing ourselves. Living in high fidelity with our truth makes us more powerful agents of good in the world.

There is magic and meaning to be found in the everyday.

That a full and healthy life is a holistic endeavor.

That we are part of this world and the world is part of us. We need to preserve the natural spaces we still can.

That when we nourish our health & spirit with grace, we can fully honor our gifts & dreams.

That we’re all trying our best, but that we get distracted. None of us has it figured out, and when we honestly share our stories, we realize we’re all in this together.