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you are what you read.

I’ve been reading some James Altucher lately.

Good writers all have a distinct style. You knew that. I find myself turned on by the direct style a lot of male writers have, like Altucher, or Austin Kleon, or Seth Godin. Go read some of his stuff if you’re one of the three people in the world who hasn’t read Seth Godin.

As you read this, you can probably tell that Altucher is influencing my writing style.

Input, output. What goes in is what comes out.

In our media-saturated world, we need to be aware of this quirk of human psychology. Our little filter bubbles skew our perception, making us see more of the people like us and less of the people who aren’t like us.


Being increasingly disconnected from one another is a weird side effect of an increasingly connected world.

It means that it really, really matters how the media portrays different groups. Because if we see more people not like us on TV, we are more empathetic to them. And if we read headlines that scream of the dangers of terrorism, we’re more inclined to think it’s a bigger problem than it is.

What goes in is what comes out. Input, output.

Of course terrorism is a problem. Climate change is too, but it gets less sexy headlines. And climate change is like the White Walker Zombies in Game of Thrones: they’re going to wipe out everyone, but no one wants believe they exist, so they’re not prepared.