welcome back

“Sharing your process might actually be most valuable if the products of your work aren’t easily shared, if you’re still in the apprentice stage of your work, if you can’t just slap up a portfolio and call it a day,or if your process doesn’t necessarily lead to tangible finished products.” 

— Austin Kleon, Show Your Work


LifeIsAnOrange.com has returned from its hiatus.  So far, it’s just a bit redecorated, but construction isn’t complete yet. (Is it ever?)

A couple years ago, I felt in my gut that writing a blog would be the first step in moving my life in the direction I want it to go. So, I started Life Is An Orange as a blog, featuring weekly short posts with a little artwork. But after a while, the weekly short posts started getting in the way of the other work I am growing toward.

This new iteration of Life Is An Orange is less a blog and more a home base site for me (with a blog on the side that probably won’t be updated much.)  I’m not going to schedule my writing for now because I want to create space to focus more on freelance writing, longer-form work (which I hope to start sharing soon!) and resurrect my interest in photography.

I’m learning more and more that it doesn’t always help to wait until I have it all figured out to get started.  Life Is An Orange is changing from its original purpose, and may well change again (and again!) and that’s okay. I’m allowed to re-evaluate and adjust as I go. Know what? I’m going.

“You can’t steer a parked car.”

One bonus from not waiting until things are perfect is that I have the honor and opportunity to be REAL.  I’m putting myself out there even though I don’t feel ready. While I don’t advocate being reckless, this world would benefit from more of us sharing ourselves in our imperfect, unpolished, unready states. That’s REALITY. Can you imagine if we could make being real the norm?

“We always do our best work and take our turn before we are ready.”

— Seth Godin, What To Do When It’s Your Turn

Thanks for stopping by. Here’s to the next leg of the journey.